Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh No Baby

I pushed my full cart up to the check out line and started unpiling my items onto the belt.  I handed the cashier, LaTonia, my coupons. She said, "Oh,, what are you trying to do to me?"  I laughed. I noticed right away that she was handling the transaction differently than the cashier I had been using previously.  She painstakingly eyeballed each and every coupon and each item to be sure they all matched up.  She was very careful, but she laughed the whole way saying, "I AM NOT BELIEVING THIS".  She was joking that the next time she sees me coming to her line, she was going to turn her light off! I laughed.  At the end of the transaction she looked at my receipt and said, "WOW,you made a killing! I will remember your face".

Well, the next day I came back in because I had found those Breakstones Cottage Cheese Double coupons that would make them free.  So, as I was on my way to the bathroom, I seen last night's cashier, LaTonia, walking towards me. She asked, "What's the name of that site you go to? I was telling my friends that you taught me something last night. I want to shop like that too."  So, I gave her the name of the site and a couple others that I really like.

So, my best buys at Publix this week were:

Teddy Grahams - (4)50 cents a box
Special K cereal- (2) free boxes    (2) 50 cent boxes
Cascadian Farms granola bars- (2) boxes for $1 each
Lender's Bagels- (2) .50 each
Peter Pan Peanut butter -(4) .66 each
Breakstones Cottage Cheese Doubles- (5) free
64 ounce Juicy Juice-(4) .25 each
Egg Beaters/chive- (2) .40 each
Thermacare heat pad 2 ct- (1) .99

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Of course this is quite a bit of food, but I have 2 growing teenage boys! It is a lot of boxes to have in my pantry so I have assigned another closet for some of the extra food that I have multiples. 

Organizing the coupons are pretty simple now that I have a system in place.  I don't cut out the coupon until I am ready to shop.  They all stay in this crate my sister picked up for me at Walmart for $5.  I label each folder by the date of the coupon insert. I buy multiple newspapers ( have been buying 4 each weekend), to make good use of my coupons.


Uhh...that brings me to the Walmart trip.  We found some really good stuff there too, (because not all things are cheaper at Publix ), as well as Walgreens and CVS.  I will post those later.  :) It really isn't as difficult as most people think.  Before I got my crate, I basically had all my coupons in a stack with post it notes on them so I could remember what date they came in the paper. I also save the weekly grocery fliers that come in the mail in the middle of the week.  They always have coupons in them too.  I especially love the $5 coupon in the Albertson's paper because Publix takes competitor coupons. :)  

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