Tuesday, May 25, 2010


 **oh I almost forgot to tell you about the Kraft rebate! If you buy $30 worth, you get $10 back.  Even your free item qualifies for this, since it rings up on your receipt and then deducts it back off.  So, my Nabisco cookies, Planters Trail Mix ,Athenos Hummus and  A-1 steak sauce qualifies for this. I also had bought two bags of shredded cheese too.  So, my receipt shows that I spent $30, but because of bogo's I actually only spent $15. Then I will get back $10....which means I only spent $5 for $30 worth of food!! Thank you Kraft!

Love to shop here. Love to save here. I love their motto. :)
Spent $75.52 and Saved a total of $109.43!
Some of these deals require your Publix to accept Target as a competitor. Check with your store to be sure. 

(6) El Monterey Tornado -2 for $4
 used  six $1/1 coupons 5/9 SS
=$1 each

(6) Jose Ole Taquito- bogo 4.99
used six $1/1coupon 4/25 SS
=$1.50 each

 (4) Planters Trail Mix- 2 for $3
 used  two $1/2 coupon 3/7 SS
AND one target coupon buy 3 Planters get 1 FREE
=.63 each

(4) A-1 Steak Sauce-bogo $3.95
 used one target coupon buy 2 get 1 free
 = .99 each

 (8) Hefty One zip baggies- bogo 2.29
 used four $1/2 printable coupons from HERE & HERE (2 COUPONS FROM EACH SITE)
 = .65 each

 (4) Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta- bogo1.79
used two $1/2 from HERE
 =.40 each

 (4) Athenos Hummus - 2.99
used two buy one get one from HERE AND
 used two $1/1 coupon from 4/25 SS
 = $1 each!

(4) Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies - 2.99 bogo
used one buy three get one free Target coupon from HERE
 = .94 each

 (3) Dr. Pepper 8 pks - 3 for 10
used  Publix buy two get one free coupon from their Yellow Advantage Flyer
=$2.22 each

(2) Grape tomatoes bogo 2.99
 =$1.50 each

 And then I always add a coupon to the end of my final total.  I usually use Albertsons $5 off $50 total. But, this time I used Winn Dixie's $5 off $30 total.

A couple days after the shopping trip, I ran across a couple more coupons and we used those too!

.42 each!

 Mott's Medley's- bogo 2.95
 used four $1/1 coupon found in Publix's Summer Savings booklet.  (the store had these coupons stuck to the bottles already!)
=.42 each


 Wayyy back in February, this lady in Sweetbay Supermarket was handing out Fisher nut samples and giving away coupons. She gave me three $1/1 coupons. I kept them until I found a deal! 

(3)Fisher Fusions Snacks- 2 for $2
 used three $1/1 coupons I had been holding for a very long time. :)  

 WOOHOO! It's been a great shopping week! 

 Publix's BOGO sale ends here in Tampa Bay Area on Wednesday.  So, Thursday starts the new week! And I already know I'm getting FREE Morningstar veggie patties! YAHOO.

If you want to score some of these deals and have questions. Drop me a line!!! :-D   I would love to help!

Week of Good Deals


 Deals good thru 5/29
All this for $3.61

We did really good at Target this past week.

Bounty paper towels-.99
- used three $1 coupon on one found in 5/16 RP

Tide trial size soap-.99
used six $1 coupon on one found in 5/2 PG
=FREE (going to put these into a gift basket)

Benadryl itch sticks-2.29
used $5 off 2 coupon found in 4/11 RP
=FREE +overage

KC Maserpiece bbq sauce-1.42
used two $1 off one coupon found in 5/9 SS
= .50 each

Hydro Schick razor-6.99
-used one $5 off one from 5/9 SS AND stacked with Target's $1 off one found on their site.

Bounce dryer sheets 45 ct.-1.94
-used two .25 off one coupon found in 5/2 PG AND stacked with two Target's .75 off one found on their site.
=.94 each

**Deals  are good until May 29! **

  I found all these good deals by reading  www.hip2save.com You can find more deals there!

My final total was $3.61 for all this stuff. I saved $24.47.  Not too shabby!

Now, on to Wal-Mart.  The cashier almost didn't take the coupons. She said there has been a  lot of fake printed coupons coming through their store. She checked with her manager and it was approved. YAY! No fake coupons here! Here is what we got from there:

 Three items for .47!

Bic Pens- $1 off one package coupon from HERE  It is a bricks coupon, so you just hit your back button and print out another coupon for a total of 2!  If you have more than one computer you can print extras!

Armor All- use $2 off one coupon found HERE.

Not sure how long these deals are good for.  I found them on hip2save site . See link above.

I LOVE CHECKING MY MAILBOX!! Look what I found in it this week!

3 Tomato Basil Wheat Thins
3 Vanilla Caramel Latte (Maxwell House)
1 coupon for FREE Kraft Macaroni Cheese Dinner
1 coupon for FREE Kraft Deli Deluxe Cheese

Yesterday, I checked my mail and got:  ***I got these from facebook***
1 coupon for FREE Hood Simply Smart milk
1 coupon for FREE Bailey's coffee creamer

What do you find in your mailbox?

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Go ahead and argue with me all you want... but, I got the best Mother's Day card. Better  than anyone else's.  For the past 2 years I have cried on friendly shoulders, and cried in my own silence...that my little babies are growing up and changing into grown men.  It feels like losing someone.  No more pinky fingers to hold while crossing the street and no more home made Mother's Day cards.

Except, this year I received the BEST card EVERRRR.... I keep opening it and re-reading it all day. :-)  It is so special to me, even though it's not home made. And that is because it makes me so proud... proud that I did SOMETHING right.  Proud that, even though I can't go back and right all the wrongs, and fix all the mistakes...or even go back into time and make them little again... I'm proud that my boys are growing into loving men.

(double click on the card to read the fine print)  Gosh...I hope they don't mind I'm sharing it. But, I just gotta. 


Happy Mother's day to all you mom's out there! It's a hard job, but very rewarding. :)