Sunday, January 10, 2010

E Coupons

I like the Upromise program.  If you get a card from your local grocery store and register it, it's like getting free money.  It's for your child's college savings...but it says you can take money out for anything. You don't have to save for college(I'm not saying it's not a good idea, but when your kids are almost grown, like mine, there's not much time to save a whole lot for them).  Anyways, companies donate money per each item you buy.Some are there all the time and give you a percentage.  But, something new they are doing now is called E Coupons.  The items change every month. You click on the coupon and it gets registered with your card.  If you buy Huggies you get $2 for your college savings. You can get $2 for buying a 6 pack of Bounty towels. There are a bunch of others on the list too.

Upromise E Coupons

It just takes a little planning is all.  But, it saves you in the end. Most of the coupon blogs will let you know when there is an item on sale, has a coupon, AND if it has an E Coupon.  Which helps with the planning A LOT! Just don't forget to hand over the U Promise card when you shop! :)

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