Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lesson Learned

I had planned on this spectacular deal of a rebate. I was supposed to spend $30 of Unilever product and I would get a $10 Publix giftcard back.  I figured it up to be  $30.22( but in actuality I would have only spent $10 because of BOGO sales and coupons).  Well, I purchased my items and got home to fill out my rebate when I realized my items only totaled $28.32!!  What happened? I had it all figured out at home before I went to the store. This is what happened: I made the mistake of looking at a blogger's prices at a Publix in another state! Dangit! I am so totally bummed.  It was still a good deal regardless, but dang...I wanted it all free. :)

(click to enlarge picture)

As you can see it would have been an EXCELLENT deal. Part of me wanted to go do it all over again. But, I realized I would be spending $10 dollars just to get $10 dollars back.  And do I really need  four more butters, two more jars of mayo, and two more cartons of icecream??  LOL  So, anyways....this is my lesson learned.  I will be sure to check the figures with my store before I make my plan next time.  It is just a bummer that all of the items have to be on the same receipt per rebate instructions. What about you? Would you go on another shopping trip? Here is the link to the rebate:

do the rebate here and show them who is boss :)

So, even though I didn't get my rebate, I did get some really awesome deals at Publix.  I was able to get:

10 Healthy Choice Entrees for 50 cents each
6 Betty Crocker fruit snacks for 86 cents each
4 boxes of 13 gallon, 45 count Hefty trash bags for $2.50 each
2 Scotties Tissues 75 count for FREE
12 Dannon Light yougurts for 21 cents each
3 Chobani Greek Yogurts for FREE
4 boxes Quaker Granola bars for 97 cents each
4 boxes of Can't believe it's not butter for 25 cents each
2 bottles of Hellman's Mayo for $1.57 each
2 Ocean Spray 64 ounce bottles Grapefruit juice and 5lb bag of  Ocean Spray Grapefruits for  $4

Vendor coupons:  $29.10
Store coupons:     $  9.50
Advertised savings $ 43.31
Advantage buy savings  $2.21

Total savings: $84.12
Total spent:    $63.47

I am also REALLY excited about my trip to Walgreens. :) I got all this for $5.21!

  Wet Ones and the Hershey bars were FREE! WOOT!!

I paid $1 each for 32 ounce Grape Jelly and the Mitchum deodorant.  Oh, and the best part is...I got $3 register rewards to use for my next visit. YAY. I think I'm in love with Walgreens now too. :)


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