Friday, April 9, 2010

It's a little late...but I'm still here

I haven't been posting any on my blog lately, because I have been trying to start an official coupon blog.  I am NOT a computer guru! Oh, how I wish I were! I can't wait to get it up and running.  I'm also battling some big time allergy problems right now. I'm hoping that when I get the new a/c installed I will start feeling better.  Cross your fingers for me too! When I get my energy back to normal I plan to do some shop alongs, so my friends can see how easy it is. 

Anyways, it's been a little while, but here's a super fantastic job we did shopping a few weeks or so ago.  Thank goodness we have a freezer and extra pantry!

Okay, are you ready for this?  We got $206.57 worth of groceries at Publix for only $31.70!

I have never had so much food in my house! It almost seems crazy, ya know?  And then, I read how this one lady only has 3 people in her household and she has 50 boxes of cereal! I thought wow!!  I guess as long as the expiration dates are good and you have the space, why not?  After reading that, I had to go count my cereal! I have 25 boxes...and there are 5 people in my house. TEEHEE.  Anyways, everyone in the family loves the new extra pantry.  Even Angel admitted that she likes to look in there JUST to look in there. LOL  Here, take a peek!

It's like a  mini grocery store!  The other night we ran out of ketchup and I was thinking...thank goodness I don't have to run out to the store to get some! Who wants to drop everything they are doing and run out to get JUST a bottle of ketchup?  And who wants to eat their french fries without it???  And the best thing is...I didn't pay full price for it....AND I didn't have to waste my gas!  MAJOR WIN!!

I got the pasta you see in there for only 0.085 cents a box! And the oatmeal was only .75 a box.  The cereal ranges from .60-$1.50.  The Ritze crackers were FREE, and the canned corn was only .19 a can.  Uncle Bens rice was .25 a box.  That's all I can remember off the top of my head. LOL  

Be looking for my new blog coming soon. I will have many tips listed, and be giving stuff away! Hope to see you there! ;)  It's a great deal to save!