Saturday, February 27, 2010

I messed up

On the last Publix trip I made... we made a goof.  We accidentally picked up the (6) Organic sauce , which isn't B1G1.  AND... I also picked up the wrong Right Guard deodorant. I noticed that goof while at the store.  So, I told the cashier and he found the correct deodorant that was B1G1..but he forgot to take off the 2 deodorants that rang up wrong. So, back to the store it all went.  We got $28.28 back.

This is where it got fun!   Went back to the store with some more coupons and got all this stuff:


Guess how much money all of this stuff cost! You are just not gonna believe it!  

$18.50 for all that stuff! 

(2) 17 oz boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch $3.99 B1G1 use two $1/1 HERE
= $1 each

(6) Ragu Sauce @.27 B1G1  used two .60/2 in 1-31 Redplum (could use three of them)
=.84 each

(2) Smuckers Uncrustables $2.00 each used two $1/1 HERE AND two .55/1 found in the Healthy  Meals Healthy Kids booklet found at front of store.
=.45 each

(6) 4 pk Frusion Smoothies $2 each, used six $1/1 in 2-24 Smart Source AND six Buy One Get One free coupons found in Healthy  Meals Healthy Kids booklet found at front of store.
=.25 each

(6) Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers B1G1 $2.39, used four.40/1 in 1-03 General Mills insert (EXPIRES 2-28) AND two .50/1 HERE
= four for .80 each
=two for  .70 each

(2)14.4 oz Muir Glen organic diced tomatoes $1.50 each , used two $1/1 HERE AND one $1/2 store coupon from little booklet called Italian Days found at front of store or HERE
= FREE!!

(8) Weight Watchers yogurts, .50 each, used four B1G1 from 1-17 Smart source AND four B1G1 store coupon from Healthy Meals Healthy Kids booklet found at front of Publix store.

(2) 15.25 oz Green Giant  Corn, $1.25 B1G1, used $1/1 store coupon in Italian Days booklet found at front of store or in link shown above.
=.13 each

(1) Excedrin Migraine (used coupon that I received in mail for signing up for it FREE awhile back)

AND.... these were not on sale but got them anyway.... going to use them in the veggie dip we got B1G1 on a previous week. 

(1) baby carrots  for $1.69
(1) celery hearts  for $1.99

Best part is:   I still have $9.78 left over from my refund!!!

After getting the stuff in the car, Angel trudged her empty cart back to the store (It was almost closing hour). As she was leaving, there was a lady hollering at her from the ATM machine. It was the customer that was standing behind her in the Publix line. She said, "Excuse me, exactly how much money did you just save?"  Angel told her, that it was like 60 bucks.  "And how much did you spend?" she asks. Angel tells her that she spent about 18 bucks.  The lady then asks, "could you please tell me how you saved all that money?"  Then Angel tells her that most of the items were buy one get one free and that you have to use 1 coupon per each item, even the free item.... and that you can also use a store coupon AND  a manufacture coupon per item.


That lady's mouth dropped! LOL  What a fun way to end the evening. :o)  Happy shopping everyone! ;)

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  1. Well, I don't have bionic ears so I couldn't say for certain what the conversation was but this ATM lady had someone waiting in her car which was right across from mine in the parking lot, I looked over and seen her point at me, then the jaw dropped on the face of the lady in the passenger seat. I'm sure there was some discussion on how much we saved. It was pretty funny but it also felt pretty good to be able to share this saving thing with someone who was truly interested. If the kids hopping around in the SUV were hers, she probably needs all the saving help she can get. :)