Friday, February 26, 2010

Getcha Coup On~~

Coupon Filing

 Put coupon inserts into a hanging folder labeled with the date. 

People have been asking me how I make my coupons, this is a little peek into my coupon world. 

This is where my coupons start. I put the entire coupon insert (do not cut the coupons yet) into a hanging file  folder with a date. Put it in the box.   Then, later.....when I sit down to make my grocery list, I pull the coupons I want to use out of my filing box shown above, cut them out (ok, you can cut them out now), and I sort them into my folder.

My handy dandy coupon folder

 I just love this folder.  It makes shopping with coupons easy if you are one of those shoppers who likes to get in and get out of the store. EWwww, I bet you are one of those people, aren't you? LOL Most coupon addicts use a big binder with baseball card inserts to organize their coupons.  I might graduate to that system later. But, for now this system works for me.    Here's how it works...

My Publix list is in the very first pocket.

First I check the coupon blogs to see what Publix has on sale with coupons.  I locate the coupons in my filing box and then put them in that little pocket in the front.  My shopping list is made with each item's quantity and how much it will cost per item. My list slides down behind the pocket very easily, so I can refer to it while shopping. :)  This is also where I put my competitor coupon..mainly the $5 off $50 Albertson's coupon. 

Hidden pocket! And  the coupons are in a separate pocket. 

This folder has so many pockets! I love it! I slide in the Publix weekly ad to the left of my list and any other booklets I might need.  This is what you see when you turn the page....

More pockets!

And more pockets in back! 
I have pockets/pages for Publix, CVS, Walgreens, Target, and WalMart. We find most our great deals at the first 3 stores listed, though.   You could actually label each pocket...but I have not had any problems remembering which pocket goes with each store.

So, after I gather my coupons and make my list...I just grab this notebook to take along with me to the store.  I pull out the coupons and as I am shopping, I place the "used" coupons back inside the pocket. Easy!  

My coupons pulled out and ready to shop!

This is everything you need to shop with coupons! It is a very simple system. Most of my time is used at home and not inside the store. That's the part I like the best.   This little folder only cost about $4 at Walmart. It's a great way to getcha coup on! :o) 


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