Monday, December 14, 2009

Momaholic's Anonymous

Hi, my name is Melanie, and I'm a recovering momaholic.

It's been a secret. Yes, I am addicted to "being a mom" to my children. Except...they aren't little children anymore. :-/  It's hitting me hard this Christmas. At age 15 &16, soon to be 16 &17, they no longer enjoy Christmas crafts like they use to. I suppose I will get over this, just as I managed to get over their refusal to color in coloring books several years ago.  It's getting harder and harder to connect with them as they get older.  I miss my babies. I never realized how much I could miss someone....someone who is still here, yet not. It won't be long before they are moving out of the house and starting their own lives. I should be so proud. I should be happy. But, I'm a momaholic. I still want them here ...holding my pinky finger as we cross the dangerous street. HEY,  I am sure their wives would appreciate that. :) 

Maybe the saying "too much of a good thing, can be a bad thing" is correct. I think my brain made too much of that hormone, oxytocin, that ensures bonding with baby. It must STILL be circulating through my brain. LOL

So, mom's are given the  natural  physiological components needed to bond with their child. Classes are also available  for mom's to learn how to do a good job.    I'm just wondering where is my hormone to deactivate this bonding need ....and where are my classes to learn how to let go?  I'm just sayin'. LOL



  1. How did your marriage survive you being a "momaholic?"

  2. Good question. In October we will have been together for 20 years. He is still here. I'm not sure I believe in fate, but maybe it's because of stubborness. Or maybe it's just love.