Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What I learned this year- 2011

My happiness is important.

I can control my happiness through my thoughts.

Popcorn  may help the immune system. (shocking!)  ANTIOXIDANTS IN POPCORN

Not all doctors are created equal.

I enjoy the challenge of taking a good photo.

Life is very peaceful without my brother in it.

I'm turning out to be a lot like my mom.  And that's not so bad.

Estranged relationships are even better after they are repaired, better than they originally were.

My parents really did love me when I was a teenager. (and they still do! lol)

To trust my instincts when I feel manipulated.

My boys will never understand me because they are now MEN. (Sob. My heart justbrokealittle)

Good things DO happen to good people.

Not everything has to be bought with a coupon. (gasp!)

Just because a family member is a taker does not mean I'm obligated to give. 

Boundaries work!!!!!

Letting go is the hardest thing EVER!


I AM a strong person. I can survive without credit cards and dinners out every week.  (It's funny how I never even thought twice about this until hearing so many people complain about having to do without these things THANK YOU WHINERS, you are good for something! heh heh)

 I love the library.  Oh wait. I already knew that.  But, this year just confirmed my love. :-)

Some people tell lies because they have a low self esteem and need to feel better about themselves. Which has nothing to do with me.

I have some work to do this coming year.  People to forgive... and people to ask forgiveness from.

 Hey, I guess 2011 Hasn't been too bad. Looks like I've done a lot of much needed healing. :-)

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