Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Frugal Winter Theme Table

It was time for a change of scenery! I searched the internet for some inspiration and found this table display HERE.  Now I had to figure out how to do it on a dime, Goodwill here I come! That's where I found the white/silver vase in the center.  Not only did I find the gorgeous vase, but also the candle stick holders, pillar candle holders, and the two little crystal dishes. 

I searched my yard for some pine cones... and painted them silver, along with the candle stick holders and pillar holders.

They were screaming at me on the Goodwill shelf to be painted! (ha) Be sure to do your painting outside.  This stuff is stinky!

I took advantage of the hurricane glasses I made for my Fall table setting.  You can find out how to make them HERE.  I love how they look like completely new vases with the ornaments inside!

I found the White Poinsettia flowers at Wal-Mart for $3 each. I only needed two bunches. While I was there I picked up two white pillar candles for $2.88 each.  Put it all together and (jump up and down crazy happy), I had an inexpensive, absolutely gorgeous table!

Total cost breakdown.

Two pewter candle stick holders found at Goodwill- $3.06 x 2= $6.12
Two Pillar candle holders found at Goodwill- $1.06 x 2= $2.12
Two crystal dishes found at Goodwill- $1.06 x 2= $2.12
One large white/silver vase found at Goodwill- $8.99
 Faux White Poinsettia's found at Wal-Mart- $3.00 x 2= $6.00
 Two white unscented pillar candles found at Wal-Mart- $2.88 x 2= $5.76
 One can of Rustoleum  metallic silver paint at Wal-Mart- $4.76
One pkg of silver shatterproof ornaments found at Wal-Mart- $4.99
Already had the table cloth. It's actually one made for Spring time (shhhhh).

  Not too bad.... It could be even less if you already have some things on hand! It is amazing how much a can of silver paint makes a difference! Pssst... in case you are wondering what is inside those little crystal vases, it's coffee beans.  Not cheap. I know.  But, they smell  SO good!

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  1. Wow Mel, that's beautiful! You're so creative, you can see the potential in so many things :)