Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks Alot!

I'm joining a fellow blogger with a post of the ABC's of thankfulness. Here goes...
A.  Angels- the only way I can get any morsel of peace. Just knowing there are angels that can watch over the ones I love when I am not able to.
B.  Birthdays

C.  Carrots make the most moist and flavorful cake. No matter what someone may say about vegetables not belonging in cake. :)
D.  Dreams make me eager to get out of bed. 
E.  Exploring the nearby river We love to explore!

F.  Father who I am now speaking to.

G. Graduation

H.  Hearing- I love music.  Not to mention that the ability to hear makes life so much easier. I know this first hand from watching my brother struggle. 
I. Ideas for free- internet is a wonderful thing
J.  Junking at the Goodwill- So many treasures there!
K. Knowledge
L. Laughter

M.  My Mom who goes long distances to see me. 

N.  Newspaper - Where would we be without all those great coupons?!
O.  Open mind
P.   Pranks

Q.  Quiet moments
R. Really hard workers

S. Salt with iodine- It helps low thyroid. So thankful to be getting some of my energy back!
T. Traditional Punch
U.  Understanding husband (with grease on his nose... he was teaching Austin how to change brake pads on my sister's truck)

V.  Valuable friends on facebook
W. Work from home- Happy to be able to start a business at home making buttons, mirrors and magnets. It's a wonderful thing and a work in progress.
X.  XOXOX  Life wouldn't be the same without them.
Y.  Young men in my life Gatlin and Austin
Z.  Zippers to keep my pants up. Don't laugh. You know you're thankful too! 

    Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks  


  1. What a great idea for a post and wonderful things to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks! It was blessed! Hope yours was too! :-D