Tuesday, May 25, 2010


 **oh I almost forgot to tell you about the Kraft rebate! If you buy $30 worth, you get $10 back.  Even your free item qualifies for this, since it rings up on your receipt and then deducts it back off.  So, my Nabisco cookies, Planters Trail Mix ,Athenos Hummus and  A-1 steak sauce qualifies for this. I also had bought two bags of shredded cheese too.  So, my receipt shows that I spent $30, but because of bogo's I actually only spent $15. Then I will get back $10....which means I only spent $5 for $30 worth of food!! Thank you Kraft!

Love to shop here. Love to save here. I love their motto. :)
Spent $75.52 and Saved a total of $109.43!
Some of these deals require your Publix to accept Target as a competitor. Check with your store to be sure. 

(6) El Monterey Tornado -2 for $4
 used  six $1/1 coupons 5/9 SS
=$1 each

(6) Jose Ole Taquito- bogo 4.99
used six $1/1coupon 4/25 SS
=$1.50 each

 (4) Planters Trail Mix- 2 for $3
 used  two $1/2 coupon 3/7 SS
AND one target coupon buy 3 Planters get 1 FREE
=.63 each

(4) A-1 Steak Sauce-bogo $3.95
 used one target coupon buy 2 get 1 free
 = .99 each

 (8) Hefty One zip baggies- bogo 2.29
 used four $1/2 printable coupons from HERE & HERE (2 COUPONS FROM EACH SITE)
 = .65 each

 (4) Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta- bogo1.79
used two $1/2 from HERE
 =.40 each

 (4) Athenos Hummus - 2.99
used two buy one get one from HERE AND
 used two $1/1 coupon from 4/25 SS
 = $1 each!

(4) Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies - 2.99 bogo
used one buy three get one free Target coupon from HERE
 = .94 each

 (3) Dr. Pepper 8 pks - 3 for 10
used  Publix buy two get one free coupon from their Yellow Advantage Flyer
=$2.22 each

(2) Grape tomatoes bogo 2.99
 =$1.50 each

 And then I always add a coupon to the end of my final total.  I usually use Albertsons $5 off $50 total. But, this time I used Winn Dixie's $5 off $30 total.

A couple days after the shopping trip, I ran across a couple more coupons and we used those too!

.42 each!

 Mott's Medley's- bogo 2.95
 used four $1/1 coupon found in Publix's Summer Savings booklet.  (the store had these coupons stuck to the bottles already!)
=.42 each


 Wayyy back in February, this lady in Sweetbay Supermarket was handing out Fisher nut samples and giving away coupons. She gave me three $1/1 coupons. I kept them until I found a deal! 

(3)Fisher Fusions Snacks- 2 for $2
 used three $1/1 coupons I had been holding for a very long time. :)  

 WOOHOO! It's been a great shopping week! 

 Publix's BOGO sale ends here in Tampa Bay Area on Wednesday.  So, Thursday starts the new week! And I already know I'm getting FREE Morningstar veggie patties! YAHOO.

If you want to score some of these deals and have questions. Drop me a line!!! :-D   I would love to help!

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